a growing family

Located in a beautiful rural area of County Armagh in Lurgan, near the southern shore of Lough Neagh and just 18 miles from Belfast, we have been trading as a mushroom marketing company since 2006 but the company's mushroom roots go back to 1998. 

Today we grow, market and distribute top quality mushrooms each week throughout N. Ireland and the rest of the UK. We grow 70% of these mushrooms on our own farm; the rest are supplied by carefully selected "satellite" growers. We provide a large range of mushrooms in a variety of packaging. We can develop and expand our product and packaging range to meet customers' requirements. We use a dedicated and experienced haulage company: the "cool chain" is always maintained and next day delivery is guaranteed.

We're also delighted that we operate to BRC standards.

We are committed to the continued development and improvement of our products: we have recently moved to our new packhouse which has the most advanced cooling systems. Research and our own experience tell us that the rapid cooling of mushrooms leads to a much longer shelf-life. With this in mind we are also developing a newly-designed tray for loose mushrooms to allow for the rapid cooling of mushrooms.

Annaghmore Mushrooms is, quite simply, passionate about mushrooms...


Annaghmore know our mushrooms need the ideal conditions to produce the best mushrooms for our customers. As your local supplier we use only the best natural materials for our mushrooms that we care for and tend to until they are ready for picking.


We know it's important to you and your customers knowing where your mushrooms come from, so at Annaghmore we can trace all our mushrooms back to where they were grown and throughout all stages of production, right up until they arrive with you.


Annaghmore have the most advanced mushroom technology to ensure our mushrooms are grown in the right conditions. We control all elements of the mushroom growing process including climate control. We continually ensure our technology is up to date to ensure our mushrooms are grown in the best conditions.